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The Inspired Camping Manifesto

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Inspired Camping's Cool Camping Passion

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Inspired Camping Manifesto

This is our manifesto, our mantra and the reasons behind Inspired Camping. We first put this together in 2012 and produced a few stickers we gave to our most loyal readers, and we are very happy to hear that they are still being displayed in campervan windows to inspire others to spend more time outdoors.

The Inspired Camping manifesto also declares our passion, obsession, what we dream about and live for.  We hope that by sharing it we will be able to pass the magic of cool camping and glamping on to others.

Feel free to share our manifesto anywhere, but we would be grateful if you could link back to Inspired Camping when you do.

Why We Do What We Do

Because We love…

Hearing “Are we nearly there yet?”;
Rolling down grass banks;
Long sunny days;
The sound of waves lapping on the shore;
Sliding and jumping down sand dunes;
Swimming in freezing streams;
Running and jumping along beaches;
Foraging in the hedgerows, on beaches, in fields and through forests for free food;
Feeling totally free;
Being chased by cows across fields;
Long walks in good weather and plenty of games in bad;
Demolishing huge quantities of food but always feeling hungry;
Getting soaked to the skin in the warm summer rain;
Gorgeous sunsets;
Long summer nights and staying up really late;
Large campfires and the smell of bonfire smoke on clothes;
Cooked marshmallows;
The night-time chorus of crickets in the hedges, frogs near water and if we’re lucky… glow worms and fireflies;
The stars being brighter than usual;
Counting shooting stars and satellites;
Festivals, friends, parties, barbecues and wine;
The night air smelling so fresh and clean; and
Being so tired we don’t even remember tumbling into bed;                   …Bliss x

A big thank you to Holstee for being so generous and inspiring and for featuring Inspired Camping’s Founder, Sarah Riley, in your book.

You helped us see the wood for the trees.

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Happy Camping and Glamping!

Inspired Camping

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